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Family Court's - What's the Secret

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When you read or hear about family law cases in media then it is easy to form an opinion about the “secretive” nature of the family law courts.

An example would be the recent case of the mother who vanished with her two sons in Nottingham during proceedings. Initial reports from some media outlets referred to the “secretive” nature of the family court insinuating that the decisions it makes are questionable.

The facts surround the case mentioned above were made public by the Judge hearing the case and we now know that the mother had made unfounded allegations against the father of child abuse and that she had been drugging the children in order to try and prove her case.

With this in mind your perception of the family court’s decision in this case may be different from what is was initially, but should the family courts be open to reporting the facts of every case?

The reality is that, especially in cases involving children who are at the forefront of any decision of the court, if is not going to be in the children’s best interest in having the details of cases reported as this will impact their whole lives and potentially give rise to bullying at school or far worse.

As a society we have a duty to protect our children and give them the best opportunity to thrive rather than to provide a source of income and gossip for next week’s fish and chips wrapper.

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