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Cyber Crime and Conveyancing

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What can you do to reduce the possibility of falling victim to a cyber scam when buying or selling a home?

Whilst we now live in a digital age where we can contact anyone in the world at the touch of a button, it’s worth remembering who vulnerable such communication can be. The number one fraud when buying a home come from sophisticated email scams.

The fraudster will hack the email of either the solicitor or the client. The client will receive an email from the fraudster posing as the solicitor making a request for payment of the funds for the purchase and provide the bank details for which these monies should be paid into. The bank account details will be that of the fraudster and once payment has been made the fraud is complete.

To protect yourself you should be aware that your solicitor won’t email you with bank details for payment. If such a request is received you should never make a payment without questioning it. Contact your solicitor via telephone or by attending at their offices to check whether the solicitor has requested any payment via email from you.

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