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Noisy Neighbours

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What do you do if you have noisy neighbours? Take them to Court?

Legal proceedings should be considered as the last resort. The first thing that you should attempt is to talk to your neighbour. In most cases the neighbour may not be aware of the disturbance they are causing, whist going round and banging on the door and shouting the odds should be avoided at all costs the best approach would be to catch you neighbour in public, on the driveway or over the garden fence.

You should remain calm and reasonable and be able to give examples of the incidents and how this affected you. Try not to use accusatory language. It’s a good idea to have a plan as to how you wish the issue to be resolved. For instance not playing music after a certain time or to be given notice if they are going to have a party so you can make alternative arrangements.

If talking to your neighbour does not resolve the issue then you can approach the Local Authority. The Local Authority will write to your neighbour but will not let them know who has complained. Consideration should be given to the fact that a complaint will be logged and may make it harder to sell your home and it could also raise tensions with your neighbour as they could be taken to court. If the noise does not stop then it may be suggested that you attend mediation. If the Local Authority agrees with you and the noise is deemed a statutory nuisance then they can issue an abatement notice which tells your neighbour that if they don’t stop then they will be prosecuted. This could result in a fine of up to £5,000.

If the Local Authority does not intervene then you can take your neighbour to court, although you must have tried to deal with your neighbour is all other ways first.

For help with a problem neighbour then please contact Tony Randle on 01902 429 051.

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