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You will have no doubt have read in the press about the case of the new age traveller who is now pursuing a £1.9m claim against her former husband, now turned millionaire, some 23 years after they separated.

The case illustrates the importance of obtaining a Final Order in regards finances following a Divorce. Many people wrongly think that once Decree Absolute has been granted their former spouse cannot make a financial claim in the future.

The fact is that in the absence of an Order dismissing financial claims the door remains open.

In the case of Wyatt v Vince, Mr Vince accumulated a fortune of over £100m after his divorce from Ms Wyatt.

The only way to protect oneself is to obtain a Final Order on Divorce.

At RN Williams & Co we work with you throughout the Divorce process to safeguard you against such risks. Feel free to contact us on 01902 429051 to discuss your case.

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