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Divorce Myths

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As lawyers we often hear from clients of myths that they have heard in relation to divorce. These myths are often obtained from friends, colleagues, their hairdresser and the media.

The myths are often wrong and when acted upon can leave that person in a worse situation than had they taken legal advice.

A lawyer can tell you exactly how divorce works and plan a course of action that will help you through one of the most difficult times in your life.

Here we detail 5 common myths about divorce which are simply not true.

After 5 years separation I will automatically be divorced

Wrong. Once you are married, then unless you go through the formal divorce process, then it’s for life!

If I don’t want to get divorced then my spouse can’t divorce me

Only in cases where it can be shown you would be left in financial hardship or you are still living as husband and wife would you be able to stop your spouse from obtaining a divorce. Simply ignoring the divorce process will not prevent a divorce, the court are only concerned that you are aware of the proceedings.

I have to go to court to get a divorce

No. The only time that you would have to go to court to get divorced would be if your spouse defends the proceedings. Defended proceedings are rare. Divorce proceedings are dealt with by correspondence and at the beginning of the divorce process your lawyer will try and agree how the divorce will proceed with your spouse in order to prevent the divorce from being defended.

If your spouse commits adultery then they will lose everything

Wrong. Whatever the reason for divorce, this does not impact upon the outcome of child arrangements or a financial settlement.

It takes years to get a divorce

From the date that divorce proceedings are issued at court the process takes approximately 6 months to be completed.

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