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Buying a Home - Do I need a survey

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When buying a new home you will be asked whether you want a survey. You will be given 4 options, a mortgage valuation, a condition report, a homebuyers report or a structural survey.

Whilst there is no obligation for you to get a survey, except for the mortgage survey we always advise that you should at the very least get a homebuyers report.

A mortgage valuation is a survey carried out by the mortgage company to get a value for the home to confirm that they are able to lend you the mortgage that you have requested. Other than confirming what the surveyor values the property at, you will not know anything else. It is not a proper survey.

Herein lies the problem. You may feel that the costs of a survey is an unnecessary expense but you may find that it could save you a lot of money and stress.

A condition report is the most basic survey. It gives an overview of the property’s condition and highlights significant issues, but doesn’t go into detail.

A homebuyers report is more detailed than a condition report. It will highlights problems, such as damp and subsidence, includes advice on necessary repairs and ongoing maintenance and points out anything that doesn’t meet current building regulations. It is non-intrusive - the surveyor will not look behind furniture or under floorboards, so they’ll only be able to identify ‘surface-level’ problems

A building survey is the most comprehensive survey and provides an analysis of the structure and condition of the property. Lists defects and advises on repairs and maintenance. The surveyor will be hands on and will do things such as check the attic and look under floorboards. You can ask for the report to include projected costs and timings for any repair work.

It is important to get a reputable survey to carry out the survey, you can do this by carrying out a search of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

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