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Making a Will

Many people wrongly believe that they do not need a Will because their property and possessions will automatically pass to their spouse, civil partner, partner or next of kin - but if you die without making a Will your property and possessions will be distributed according to the intestacy rules and these may not properly provide for your loved ones.

Making a Will allows you to say how your property and possessions are to be divided and to ensure that any family members in need of care are properly provided for. It also relieves those that you leave behind from unnecessary stress at a time of great emotional upset.

If you are not married your partner will not inherit automatically - making a Will ensures that proper provision is made for them.

If you have children you should make a Will so that arrangements are in place for their care should both parents die before they become 18 years old.

For clients with higher value estates we can provide a full estate planning service to give effect to your wishes and to minimise the tax burden to your estate and beneficiaries.

Its easy to put off making your Will but the unexpected can happen at any age and you owe it to your loved ones to make sure that you have made proper provision for them and to relieve them of the unnecessary burden should you die without a Will.

It is also important if you have already made a Will to review it every few years to reflect any changes in your financial or family circumstances as well as to reflect changes in the law or taxation. We will be happy to review your current Will with you and to recommend any changes that are necessary

Mirror Wills

Simple Mirror Wills are designed for use by spouses, civil partners, or co-habiting partners in long-term relationships.

As the name suggest Mirror Wills normally reflect each other - usually by each partner leaving everything to the other - then passing down to any children and grandchildren.

A simple Mirror Will will not protect your assets from Inheritance Tax or your property from local authority care home fees but in the case of the majority of people they are more than adequate.

Our charges for preparing Mirror Wills start at £350.00 + VAT

Simple Wills

A Simple Will appoints your executors, your wishes as to your funeral arrangements, details of any specific gifts and provides for the distribution of your remaining property and assets.

A Simple Will is suitable for those who simply want to ensure their assets and property pass to beneficiaries of their choice and not in accordance with the intestacy rules.

Our charges for preparing a Simple Will start at £200 + VAT

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